File Management: Storage, Backup, and Recovery

File Storage Quota

Current, active files should be stored in your home directory. Undergraduate and Graduate students have a quota of 1GB. To monitor the disk space usage in your account, run the command “quota -v”. The system will respond with your usage and quota in units of 1024 byte blocks.

Temporary File Storage Space

Each computer also has a space for temporary file storage in a directory called ‘/tmp’. If you need temporary storage space, you may write to ‘/tmp’. This space is not backed up; files more than seven days old are deleted, and files may be deleted even sooner if as needed. This space is especially handy for large files that you cannot write to your account (if you have exceeded your disk space allotment).

Archival File Storage Space

If you have large files that you would like to archive, ie you need to have occasional access to them, but won’t be changing them often, and you are working at your disk quota, send an email message to ‘ece-support’.

File Backup and Recovery

ECE file servers are backed up daily. To recover a file, send an email to Include the computer, path, filename, and range of acceptable recovery dates.

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