File Access: Your Home Directory and AUTOFS

This document describes how files are accessed, including files in your home directory as well as files on other ECE computers.

Home Directory Location

Your ECE home directory is accessible from any department Unix or Linux host as /home/username.

Requests for custom disk space allocation arrangements on research lab hosts should be directed to the research lab manager or computing support.

AUTOFS and path names

AUTOFS, a public domain auto-mount daemon, will mount a file system from a remote machine on the local machine, allowing transparent access of the remote files. With the automounter in place, file systems are not mounted until you request that they be accessed. The files are actually accessed through symbolic links maintained by AUTOFS to avoid hanging when the host system containing the files becomes unavailable. For this reason the path name reflected by the pwd command may not be the same as the path you used to access the files. In spite of this, do not, under any circumstances, use the actual path name i.e. /.net1/boa/…. or /.homes/boa/…

Non-home File Access

If you want to access system files on a department computer or a publicly exported file system on another computer, ‘cd’ to entire export tree on reference. Upon receiving a request, such as ‘cd /net/boa’, AUTOFS will automatically mount boa’s entire file hierarchy.

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