RF, Micro- and Millimeter-waves constitute a vital area of electrical engineering encompassing design, modeling, simulation, experimentation and analysis of single devices, circuits and packaging with applications to communications, imaging, radar systems and basic science.  Faculty and students are engaged in a range of basic and applied research projects that focus on the efficient generation, propagation and detection of electromagnetic energy in the frequency range from approximately 100 MHz to greater than 1 THz.   Topics of research include:

  • Radio frequency integrated circuits (RF IC)
  • High efficiency wide band gap circuits
  • Active microwave frequency multiplication networks
  • Integrated passive components
  • Millimeter-wave phased array antennas
  • Conformal 2 dimensional microwave antennas
  • Microfabricated millimeter-wave and THz vacuum electronics sources
  • Millimeter-wave passive and active imaging systems
  • RF/Microwave/Millimeter-wave packaging
  • Wireless chemical and bio-sensor nodes and reading systems
  • THz time-domain spectroscopy


G. Rick Branner

J. Sebastian Gomez-Diaz

Q. Jane Gu

Linda P.B. Katehi

Brian Kolner

André Knoesen

Xiaoguang “Leo” Liu

Neville C. Luhmann, Jr.

Omeed Momeni

Anh-Vu Pham

S. J. Ben Yoo

Emeritus Faculty:

Herman Fink

Jonathan Heritage

Ronald Soohoo