The research in the area of IDNLS explores the fundamental limits as well as studies new algorithms and methodologies for the analysis, storage, and transfer of information embedded in digital data and signals. Our group has expertise in the areas of communications and coding theory, control systems, information, networking protocols and architectures, optimization, signal processing, system identification, statistical modeling and analysis, and wireless/mobile systems.


Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar

Chen-Nee Chuah

Shuguang “Robert” Cui

Zhi Ding

Lifeng Lai

A. Nazli Gündes

Bernard C. Levy

Shu Lin

S. J. Ben Yoo

Emeritus Faculty:

V. Ralph Algazi

Tsu-Shuan Chang

Richard C. Dorf

William A. Gardner

Gary E. Ford

Tien C. “Steve” Hsia

David Mayne

Shih-Ho Wang