Professor Heritage’s Group

Although recently retired, Professor Heritage is still extremely active as a Research Professor and Professor Emeritus. His group is conducting research in microphotonics, terahertz bandwidth optics, next generation optical networks, optical-microwave interactions, and vacuum optoelectronics.

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Recent Developments

  • Further improvement of vacuum photocathodes based on optical gating of arrays of fabricated silicon field emitter tips.
  • MEMS mirror arrays for all-optical switching, femtosecond pulse shaping, and miniature broadband time delay scanners.
  • Investigation of the impact of physical layer impairments on performance of switched WDM networks.
  • A joint UC Davis / SLAC / LLNL project aiming to develop a compact high brightness X-ray source for medical applications and for fundamental studies of ultrafast dynamics of bulk state of matter.

Recent Publications

  1. K. X. Liu, C.-J. Chang, and J. P. Heritage, “Gated response of p-Silicon field emitter array and correlation with theoretical modes,” J. of Appl. Phys. 99, 034502, 2006.
  2. H. Yurong, J. P. Heritage, and B. Mukherjee, “Connection provisioning with transmission impairment consideration in optical WDM networks with high-speed channels,” J. Lightwave Tech., 23, pp. 982-93, 2005.
  3. R. P. Scott, W. Cong, C. Yang, V. J. Hernandez, J. P. Heritage, B. H. Kolner, and S. J. Ben Yoo, “Error free, 12 user, 10 Gb/s/user O-CDMA network testbed without FEC,” IEE Elect. Lett. 41, 1392-1394, 2005.
  4. R. P. Scott, W. Cong, V. J. Hernandez, K. Li, B. H. Kolner, J. P. Heritage, and S. J. B. Yoo, “An Eight-User, Time-Slotted SPECTS O-CDMA Testbed: Demonstration and Simulation,” J. of Lightwave Tech., 23, 2005.
  5. H. Yurong, W. Wushao, J. P. Heritage, and B. Mukherjee, “A generalized protection framework using a new link-State availability model for reliable optical networks,” J. Lightwave Tech., 22, pp. 2536-47, 2004.


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  5. J. P. Heritage and A. M. Weiner, “Optical Systems and Methods Based Upon Temporal Stretching, Modulation and Recompression of Ultrashort Pulses,” 4,928,316, May 1990.

Professor Knoesen’s Group

This group performs research in methods, materials, and devices for high-frequency electronic and optoelectronic applications.

Recent Projects

  • Nonlinear optical imaging of collagen using polarization-modulated second harmonic, and studies of the second harmonic and two-photon fluorescence spectra of collagen.
  • Nonlinear optical imaging of collagen using polarization-modulated second harmonic, and studies of the second harmonic and two-photon fluorescence spectra of collagen.
  • Investigation of a new technique of measuring the permittivity in microwave regime of liquid and biomolecules at interfaces. By studying the dielectric behavior over a wide frequency range up to 40 GHz, target biomolecules can be sensed in real time without fluorescence tags.
  • Fabrication and characterization of silicon oxynitride based waveguiding structures. The index of refraction of such structures can be chosen to optimize interactions with external media, such as liquids or polymers.
  • Precise optical absorption measurements of low-absorption polymers using photothermal deflection spectroscopy (PDS).

Prof. Knoesen is also affiliated with the Center on Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies (CPIMA), an NSF sponsored partnership among Stanford University, IBM Almaden Research Center, and the University of California Davis.

Recent Publications

  1. C. M. Arft and A. Knoesen, “An efficient finite-difference frequency-domain method for waveguiding structures including thin curved layers,” Microwave Opt. Tech. Lett., 48, 453-457, 2006.
  2. C. M. Arft and A. Knoesen, “Alternatives to the perfectly matched layer for waveguide simulation using the FDFD method,” Electromagnetics, 25, 117-186, 2005.
  3. A. Knoesen, S. Pakalnis, M. Wang, W. D. Wise, N. Lee, and C. W. Frank, “Sum-frequency Spectroscopy and Imaging of Aligned Helical Polypeptides,” J. Sel. Topics Quant. Electron., 10, 1154-1162, 2004.
  4. C. M. Arft and A. Knoesen, “An Efficient Finite Difference Frequency Domain Method Including Thin Layers,” Microwave Opt. Tech. Lett., 43, 40-44. 2004.
  5. A. Knoesen, G. Song, W. Volksen, E. Huang, T. Magbitang, L. Sundberg, J. L. Hedrick, C. J. Hawker, and R. D. Miller, “Porous organosilicates low-dielectric films for high-frequency devices,” J. Electron. Mat., 33, 135-140, 2004.

Professor Yoo’s Group

Professor Yoo is the principal investigator of the Optical Switching and Communication Systems Laboratory at UC Davis. This group performs research toward the next generation of optical networking technologies. Specific areas of research include photonic switching and routing, optical CDMA, and next generation architecture and protocol.

For more information, please refer to the Optical Switching and Communication Systems Laboratory Web Page.

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