EEC130A. Introductory Electromagnetics I
Basics of static electric and magnetic fields and fields in materials. Work and scalar potential. Maxwell’s equations in integral and differential form. Plane waves in lossless media. Lossless transmission lines. EEC130A Syllabus

EEC130B. Introductory Electromagnetics II
Plane wave propagation in lossy media, reflections, guided waves, simple modulated waves and dispersion, and basic antennas. EEC130B Syllabus

EEC133. Electromagnetic Radiation and Antenna Analysis
Properties of electromagnetic radiation; analysis and design of antennas: ideal, cylindrical, small loop, aperture, and arrays; antenna field measurements. EEC133 Syllabus

EEC222. RF IC Design
Radio frequency (RF) solid-state devices, RF device modeling and design rules; nonlinear RF circuit design techniques; use of nonlinear computer-aided (CAD) tools; RF power amplifier design. EEC222 Syllabus

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