Machine Learning and Information Systems

We explore new algorithms and methodologies for the analysis, storage and transfer of information embedded in digital data and signals. Our faculty has expertise in communications and coding theory, control systems, information, networking protocols and architectures, optimization, signal processing, system identification, statistical modeling and analysis, and wireless/mobile systems.

Computer Systems and Networking

By addressing the design and implementation of computer-based systems for various applications, we tackle a wide range of problems in the design of hardware as well as software systems. Specific areas of research include: VLSI design, DSP processor architecture, embedded systems, scalar and parallel computer architecture, parallel computing, reconfigurable computing, compiler optimization, networking, algorithms, and validation of digital systems.

Analog and RF Integrated Circuits

Our interests are in analog and digital circuit design, specifically for integrated circuits in CMOS technologies. We aim to develop new circuit architectures and techniques that advance the state of the art. RF, micro- and millimeter-wave technologies encompass design, modeling, simulation, experimentation and analysis of single devices, circuits and packaging with applications to communications, imaging, radar systems and basic science.

Integrated Nanosystems and Devices

We fabricate electronic materials and organic and inorganic micro/nanostructures for applications in devices, circuits, systems, sensors and energy conversion/harvesting. With more than 13,000 square feet of class-100 cleanroom, we house the largest modern teaching and research facility of its kind in the U.S. for micro- and nanoscale devices, biotechnological fabrication and integration. An advanced characterization facility helps push the frontiers of next-generation electronic materials.