ECE at UC Davis offers graduate instruction and research programs to help propel forward successful careers in electrical and computer engineering. The graduate program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual student, and students can choose from four areas of specialization.

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Machine Learning and Information Systems

EEC201            Digital Signal Processing

EEC254            Optimization

EEC260            Random Signals and Noise

EEC264            Detection and Parameter Estimation

EEC289            Statistical Learning Algorithms

EEC265            Principles of Digital Communications

EEC250            Linear Systems and Signals

EEC289            Introduction of Reinforcement Learning

EEC289            Computer Programming for Data Analysis

EEC256            Stochastic Optimization in Dynamic Systems

EEC270            Computer Architecture

EEC273            Networking Architecture and Resource Management

EEC274            Advanced topics in Networking

EEC266            Information Theory and Coding

EEC269A         Error Correcting Codes I

EEC269B         Error Correcting Codes II

EEC261            Advanced Wireless Communications


Computer Systems and Networking

EEC170            Introduction to Computer Architecture

EEC180B         Verilog and FPGA-based Digital Design

EEC270            Graduate Course in Computer Architecture

EEC171             Introduction to Parallel Computer Architecture

EEC173A          Introduction to Networking

EEC272            High Performance Computer Architecture

EEC277            Graphics Architecture

EEC 284           Embedded Systems

EEC281            ASIC Design

EEC216            Low Power Digital Integrated Circuit Design

EEC283            Design Verification

EEC273            Networking Architecture and Resource Management

EEC274            Advanced topics in Networking

ECS251            Operating Systems

ECS235A         Computer and Information Security

ECS235            Graph Theory

ECS243            Compilers and Code Optimization


Analog and RF Circuits

EEC 210           Analog Circuit Design

EEC 212           Analog IC for Signal Processing

EEC 130B        Introductory Electromagnetics

EEC 132A        RF and Microwaves in Wireless Communication

EEC 201           Digital Signal Processing

EEC 165           Digital Communication

EEC213            Data-conversion Techniques and Circuits

EEC215            Circuits for Digital Communications

EEC216             Low Power Digital Integrated Circuits Design

EEC222            RF Integrated Circuits Design

EEC230            Electromagnetics

EEC133             Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas

EEC229            RF MEMS

EEC289N         RF Filter Design

EEC289J           Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuit Design


Integrated Nanosystems and Devices

EEC140B         Principles of Device Physics

EEC145            Electronic Materials

EEC240            Semiconductor Devices

EEC242            Advanced Nanostructured Devices and Sensors

EEC248            Photovoltaics and Solar Cells

EEC246            Advanced Projects in IC Fabrications

EEC247            Advanced Semiconductor Devices

EEC244A         Micro-electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

EEC244B         Nano-electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS)

EEC 289S        Wide bandgap Electronics

EEC289J          Molecular Electronics

EEC289W        Compound Semiconductor Devices for Computing, Communication, and Power Conversion

EEC289H         Nanofabrication Theory

EEC289E         Bio-nano Interfaces for Sensing and Electronics