Lab Equipment

The following is a partial list of the lab equipment we have.

Material Growth and Characterization Tools

CVD Reactor


CVD Reactor : A fully automated Chemical Vapor Deposition System with 16 gases for group IV and III-V nanostructure Growth

MTI Bench-Top High Temperature Tubing Vacuum Furnace


MTI Bench-Top High Temperature Tubing Vacuum Furnace: Used for SnO2, ZnO and In2O3 nanowire growth.

Micromanipulator Probe Station

Micromanipulator Probe Station: 4-probe measurement station.

Micromanipulator Probe Station

Another Probe-Station. Both of these stations are used for our nanowire and molecular electronic devices characterizations.

Wentworth Probe Station

Keithley 236 Source Measurement Unit

Keithley 236 Source Measurement Unit with Agilent E3649A Dual-Output DC Power supply

Agilent 4156C Precision Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

HP 8165A Programmable Signal Generator

HP 8165A Programmable Signal Generator, Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter, and Agilent 33120A 15MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Agilent E8364A Network Analyzer

Agilent E8364A Network Analyzer (45MHz – 50GHz)

High Temperature Furnace

High Temperature Furnace for oxidation and annealing (~1600C)

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)


Nanonex : Nano-imprint tool (at NCNC facility)

Mann3600 Pattern Generator

Mann3600 Pattern Generator (at NCNC facility)

Nikon Stepper

Nikkon Stepper (at NCNC facility)

E-beam Evaporator

E-beam evaporator (at NCNC facility)

Karl Suss Mask Aligner

Karl Suss Mask Aligner (at NCNC facility)

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