The Department of ECE at UC Davis should be a national and international leader in education and research to address the engineering challenges and in the 21st Century through high impact research programs and curricular innovations in cutting edge areas of information technologies.

Mission Statement

As a technological and educational hub in Northern California, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s mission is to:

  1. Educate generations of engineers and industry leaders by providing transformative learning experience and the knowledge necessary to solve significant problems in high-tech industry and society
  2. Develop technical innovations in ECE and multi-disciplinary areas through high-impact scholarship and research.

Strategic Goals

Academic Excellence: To become a top 20 nationally ranked graduate program in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research and Innovation: A Peer-recognized leader in research and technical Innovations

Transformative Learning Curriculum: An internationally recognized leader of Transformative Learning in Engineering Education

Strong impact on Hi-Tech Industry: A department with strong impact on hi-tech industry both regionally and globally, supported a strong industry affiliate and alumni base