Academic Leave Request (Up to 7 Calendar Days)

This form can be used to request up to 7 calendar days of absence only, which is the maximum a Department Chair can authorize.


Academic Leave Request (Over 7 Calendar Days)

Please use the Academic Forms Online Portal for this request.


Copy Request Form

24 hour notice preferred. If your request is urgent, please give form directly to a staff member.

The department DOES NOT provide copies of homework or exam solutions. A copy can be placed with one of the off-campus copies, such as Classical Notes, and students can purchase a copy directly.

For your protection, forms for certification regarding instructional use of Copyrighted Material is available from the department office.


Declaration of Lost Evidence

Declaration of lost evidence that a payment was made on behalf of the Regents of the University of California.

Attach completed form, in place of lost receipt, to request issuance of check.


Entertainment Reimbursement

An original, itemized receipt is required and must identify both food and beverage purchases. There will be no reimbursement for alcohol purchased. If you do not have an itemized receipt you will need to attached a Declaration of Lost Evidence Form. Some restaurants do not give itemized receipts. Under these circumstances, Accounts Payable will accept a Declaration of Lost Evidence Form that explains that the restaurant would not provide an itemized receipt.


Purchasing Policies

Purchasing of university supplies and equipment need to follow approved policies and procedures and must be acquired through such means as an approved department purchase order, UCD Buy order, Bookstore order, campus purchase requisition, or the departmental purchasing card.


Repair Order Form

Description of repair or malfunction and work to be performed.


Request for Expense Reimbursement

Whenever possible, all purchases should be processed within university policy through the ECE main office. We recognize, however, that this is not always possible. On those rare occasions when you have an immediate need (and the cost is below $500), you may go to a local store, make the purchase, and submit a request for reimbursement. Original receipts are required by Accounts Payable and actual expenses are paid when supported by appropriate documentation. Purchases such as equipment, theft-sensitive items, furniture and purchases requiring special approvals do not qualify for reimbursement.


Shipping Memo for FedEx or UPS

Daily deadline to turn in form is 3:30 PM.