Sushma Shrinivasan won the first place in the Vacuum Technology Division poster competition at the 64th American Vacuum Society International Symposium and Exhibition held in Tampa, Florida from October 30th – Nov 3rd, 2017.

Sushma’s poster was titled Low-cost Device Fabrication and Vacuum Packaging for Energy Efficient Field Emission Lighting. The overarching goal of the project was to build energy-efficient and environment-friendly lighting (that resembles daylight) by exploiting the principle of electric-field induced electron emission. The poster presented the complete sequence of steps for the vacuum packaging and prototype fabrication of the field emission lamp. The process outlined was tailored and is repeatable for producing low-cost lamp prototypes with a total time requirement of 8-10 hours per prototype.

The competition included various posters that described design, development, and/or use of vacuum systems reflecting ingenious designs that are guided by unique functionality, and/or are constrained by limited resources. Competitive submissions were expected to reveal inspired and/or cost-effective solutions to real-world issues encountered in typical vacuum system designs

Sushma is a recent alumni of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Program (graduated in September 2017) and was a graduate student in Prof. Hunt’s lab.