Prof. Hussain Al-Asaad received the 2017 Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award for Undergraduate Teaching. This award is one of the most prestigious awards granted on the UC Davis campus and recognizes consistent outstanding teaching and commitment to student success. He is only the third faculty to get this award in the ECE department history (besides Professors Saif Islam and Gary Ford). The citation crafted by the awards committee is as follows:

It is a standard feature of teaching evaluations that students will attest to the instructor’s mastery of subject matter. Rarely do evaluations express heartfelt affection for the instructor coupled with genuine admiration for pedagogical style. In nominating Professor Al-Asaad for the Undergraduate Distinguished Teaching Award, students gave testament to all three. They note Professor Al-Asaad’s rich use of examples, often drawn on contemporary culture familiar to his students, to make tangible the abstract concepts essential to required courses. Students write of Professor Al-Asaad’s “friendly and kind nature,” of his dedication to “inspiring students to find their passion,” and of his commitment to resolving the questions of each student. Colleagues attest as well to his ability to deliver “superb” lectures.