ECE Professor Chen-Nee Chuah is a co-PI on a $1.5million NSF TRIPOD grant for three years to establish UC Davis TETRAPODS Institute of Data Science (UCD4IDS). This grant is led by Prof. Naoki Saito from Mathematics, along with co-PIs Prof. Nina Amenta from Computer Science and Prof. Thomas Lee from Statistics. We are joined by 31 senior personnel coming from four departments: Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics, including ECE faculty members: Professor Zhi Ding, Professor Lifeng Lai, and Professor Soheil Ghiasi.

The project is part of an NSF program called: “Harnessing the Data Revolution: Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science” (HDR: TRIPODS), one of their ten “Big Ideas” programs. UCD4IDS’s research focus is on the foundation of data science and machine learning and will cross interdepartmental barriers to promote interdisciplinary research collaborations among faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students in the four departments. UCD4IDS’s research and education will revolve around three interrelated themes:

  • Fundamentals of machine learning directed toward biological and medical applications;
  • Optimization theory and algorithms for machine learning including numerical solvers for large-scale nonconvex and nonsmooth learning problems; and
  • High-dimensional data analysis on graphs and networks.

Although the proposed research is of fundamental nature, it is applicable to a wide variety of application domains. The team will leverage our campus’ strengths and use biology and medical applications (including veterinary medicine) both to serve as the data source and the motivation to drive the data science innovations.



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