Professor Emeritus Jonathan Heritage


On June 11, 2018, the UC Davis ECE Department had the privilege of hosting the opening ceremony for the Jonathan Heritage Meeting Room after Professor Emeritus Jonathan Heritage.  ECE faculty and staff gathered to honor and thank Professor Heritage for his contributions to the department and university through naming Kemper 3087 after him.  A generous gift from Professor Heritage will be used to renovate the meeting room.

The department also gave awards for outstanding faculty and staff.

  • Star Staff Award: Sacksith Ekkaphanh, Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Distinguished Teaching Award: Professor Andre Knoesen
  • Distinguished Service Award: Professor Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar

The department also welcomes Christina Modica to the department staff as the budget analyst.

Students Mark Bourkov, Issam Abdulrahim, and Nick Alvarez were invited to show their EEC196 Senior Project, EzGrow, supervised by Professor Amirtharajah.