Assistant Professor Juan Sebastian Gomez-Diaz Receives Prestigious NSF Award

Electrical & Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Juan Sebastian Gomez-Diaz is the recipient of the National Science Foundation’s most prestigious award, the – Early CAREER Award –  for his research, “Breaking and engineering reciprocity in magnetless THz and IR devices using 2D materials.”

Prof. Gomez-Diaz’ main goal in this project is to establish a new paradigm for nonreciprocal devices, lessening the dependence on magnetic materials and exploiting unusual responses to reshape many areas of the coming technology. The educational and outreach efforts will focus on engaging Hispanic students, ranging from K-12 to college, in science, technology, engineering and math. Summer fellowships will foster the participation of undergraduate Hispanic students in a research project about nonreciprocal antennas, allowing graduate, undergraduate, and high school students to interact and share knowledge and experiences learnt by implementing similar concepts at different frequencies.

Each year the NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program awards more than 400 grants, called CAREER awards, to scientists and engineers who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their organization. More details can be found at the National Science Foundation website.