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EEC269B – Error Correcting Codes II

3 units – Spring Quarter; alternate years

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: EEC 165 and EEC 269A

Grading: Letter; homework (60%) and project (40%).

Catalog Description:

Introduction to convolutional codes, turbo codes, trellis and block coded modulation codes, soft-decision decoding algorithms, the Viterbi algorithm, reliability-based decoding, trellis-based decoding, multistage decoding.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Trellises for Linear Block Codes
    1. Finite-state Machine Models and Trellis Representation
    2. Bit-level trellises
    3. Complexity
  2. Reliability-Based Soft-Decision Decoding Algorithms for Linear Block Codes
    1. Soft-Decision Decoding
    2. Reliability Measures
    3. Generalized Minimum-Distance and Chase Decoding Algorithms
    4. Iterative reliability-based decoding
  3. Convolutional Codes
    1. Introduction
    2. Encoding
    3. Structural Properties, Distance Properties
    4. Punctured Convolutional Codes
    5. Tail Biting Convolutional Codes
  4. Trellis-Based Decoding Algorithms for Convolutional Codes
    1. The Viterbi Algorithm
    2. Performance Bounds
    3. Construciton of Good Codes
    4. Implementation of the Viterbi Algorithm
    5. Differential Viterbi Decoding Algorithm
    6. Decoding of Tail Biting Convolutional Codes
    7. The MAP Decoding Algorithm
    8. Concatenated Codes with Inner Convolutional Codes
  5. Trellis-Based Soft-Decision Decoding Algorithms for Linear Block Codes
    1. The Viterbi Decoding Algorithm
    2. Recursive Maximum Likelihood Decoding Algorithm
    3. Multistage Decoding
    4. The MAP Decoding Algorithm
  6. Turbo Coding
    1. Introduction
    2. Distance Properties
    3. Performance Analysis
    4. Parallel and Serial Concatenated Turbo Codes
    5. Iterative Decoding
  7. Trellis Coded Modulation
    1. Introduction
    2. Construction
    3. Performance Analysis
    4. Rotationally Invariant TCM
    5. Multidimensional TCM
  8. Block Coded Modulation
    1. Distance
    2. Multilevel Block Coded Modulation
    3. Multistage Decoding


  1. S. Lin and D.J. Costello, Jr. Error Control Coding: Fundamentals and Applications, Prentice Hall

Instructors: Abdel-Ghaffar, Lin

Course Overlap:

EEC 269A and EEC 269B are the only course sequence on error correcting codes on UC Davis campus.

Last revised: September 2001