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EEC261 – Signal Processing For Communications

4 Units

Lecture: 1st week-4 hours

Prerequisite(s): EEC165, 260 or consent of instructor

Grading: Letter; test (25%), regular projects and assignments (35%), and final project (40%).

Catalog Description:

Signal processing in wireless and wireline communication systems. Characterization and distortion of wireless and wireline channels. Channel equalization and maximum likelihood sequence estimation. Channel precoding and pre-equalization. OFDM and transmit diversity. Array processing.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Basic Digital Communication Systems
    1. Baseband signal model
    2. Orthogonal expansions for fininte energy signals
    3. Digital modulation and demodulation
    4. Channel distortion and intersymbol interference
    5. Examples of wireless communication systems
  2. Characterization of Channel Distortions
    1. Baseband channel modeling
    2. Practical mobile wireless channels
    3. Multipath, shadowing, and fading effects
    4. Doppler effect and channel fading
    5. Wireless and wireline time-varying channel examples
  3. Channel Equalization and Sequence Estimation
    1. Discrete channel models
    2. Equalization design based on channel response
    3. Decision feedback equalizers
    4. Viterbi algorithm
    5. Training based channel identification and equalization
    6. LMS and RLS algorithms
    7. Performance measure
  4. Channel Equalization without Training using Higher Order Statistics
    1. Motivation of blind equalization
    2. Basic principles
    3. Single input, single output channel identification
    4. Adaptive blind equalizers based on higher order statistics
    5. Equalization example of QAM signals in cable modems
  5. Channel Identification based on Second Order Statistics
    1. Bandwidth diversity and antenna diversity
    2. Single input, multiple output (SIMO) equalization algorithms
    3. Statistical SIMO identification algorithms
    4. Deterministic SIMO equalization algorithms
    5. Equalization and co-channel interference in multiuser CDMA systems
    6. CDMA and TDMA
  6. Array Processing for Communications
    1. Beamforming of antenna arrays
    2. Adaptive beamforming and interference suppression
    3. Training based adaptive beamforming
    4. Blind adaptive beamforming
    5. Blind signal separation
    1. Tomlinson-Hirashima precoding
    2. Prefiltering and equalization for known channels
    3. Prefiltering and equalization for unknown channels
    4. Diversity in Orthogonal Frequency Division Modulation(OFDM)Precoding and Prefiltering against Distortive Channels


  1. Blind Equalization and Identificationby Zhi Ding and Ye (Geoffrey) Li, Marcel Dekker, 2001. Print ISBN: 0-8247-0479-7.
  2. Lecture notes and selected journal articles to be listed in class.

Instructors: Staff