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EEC247 – Advanced Semiconductor Devices

3 units – Fall Quarter; alternate years, odd years

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: Graduate Standing in Engineering

Grading: Letter; based on homework (30%), term paper and presentation (30%), midterm exam (20%), final exam (20%).

Catalog Description:

Semiconductor devices, including MOSFETs, heterojunction transistors, light-emitting diodes, lasers, sensors, detectors, power and high-voltage transistors, MEMS resonators, organic semiconductors and photovoltaics. All material is from the recent literature, encouraging students to utilize search methods and critically assess the latest research.

Expanded Course Description:

To provide a thorough understanding of the current frontiers in semiconductor device research, and the challenges they pose. Intended to complement the theory presented in EEC240, 241, 242, 243 and 238.

  1. Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) Devices (5 lectures)
    1. National Technology Roadmap directives
    2. sub-100nm MOS challenges
    3. Fin-FETs and three-dimensional devices
  2. Microwave-Frequency Transistors (4 lectures)
    1. MODFET
    2. Heterojunction bipolar structures
    3. Active Si microwave transistors
  3. Optoelectronic Semiconductor Devices (5 lectures)
    1. VCSEL and other laser arrays
    2. New heterojunction LED types
    3. Photodetectors
    4. Optical switches and amplifiers
    5. Active nanocrystal devices
  4. Sensors and Detectors (4 lectures)
    1. CCD array technology
    2. Gas sensors
    3. ChemFET techniques
    4. High-frequency avalanche detectors
    5. Low-noise techniques
  5. Power and High-Voltage Devices (4 lectures)
    1. Solid-state thyristors and power switches
    2. Insulated-gate HBT devices
    3. Bipolar power methods
    4. Integrated power circuits
  6. Active and Passive MEMS Devices (4 Lectures)
    1. Pressure sensors
    2. Microfluidic devices
    3. tunable passive resonators
    4. Accelerometers
    5. Micro-mirror and optical mechanical arrays
  7. Other Semiconductor Device Types (4 Lectures)
    1. Organic semiconductors
    2. Solid-state lighting devices
    3. Solar cells and photovoltaics


  1. Various papers from the literature
  2. Notes provided by the Instructor

Instructors: Hunt, Islam


Last revised: November 2009