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EEC239A – Optical Fiber Communications Technologies

4 units

Lecture: 4 hours

Prerequisite: EEC 130B

Grading: Letter; midterm exam (35%), homework (25%), final exam (40%).

Catalog Description:

Physical layer issues for component and system technologies in optical fiber networks. Sources of physical layer impairments and limitations in network scalability. Enabling technologies for wavelength-division-multiplexing and time-division-multiplexing networks. Optical amplifiers and their impact in optical networks (signal-to-noise ratio, gain-equalization, and cascadability). Note: Students previously enrolled in course EEC239 may not receive credit for this course.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Motivation
    1. Optical layer and relationship to classical layer models
    2. Classification of network types, definition of transparency
    3. Optical media access techniques (TDM, WDM)
  2. Optical Network Model
    1. Basic optical network structure
    2. Network elements designed
    3. Required functionality of Optical Network Elements
  3. Enabling Technologies
    1. Optoelectronic transmitters and receivers
    2. Review of digital transmitter and receiver design and function
    3. Optical sources, optical modulators, optical filters, switches and wavelength routers
    4. Optical amplifiers
    5. Wavelength converters (optoelectronic and all-optical)
    1. Optical fiber bandwidth and dispersion
    2. Optical nonlinearities, optical crosstalk
    3. Dynamic range limitations, dynamic effects
    4. Short pulse transmission
    5. Point-to-point transmission analysis
    6. Physical link model
    7. TDM and WDM performance evaluation
    8. Effect of cascaded network elementsPhysical Layer Impairments


  1. Primary Text: Optical Networks by R. Ramaswami and K.N. Sivarajan
  2. Optional Secondary Text: Optical Fiber Communications by Gerd Keiser
  3. References: Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers by Emmanuel Desurvire; Multiwavelength Optical Networks by T.E. Stern and K. Bala.

Instructor: Yoo

Course Overlap:
This course sequence (EEC239 A,B) covers physical layer and interfaces with architecture and protocol discussed in ECS 259 (Optical Networks) in the Computer Science Department. More rigorous and detailed analysis of optical components are being offered through EEC 235 (Photonics) and EEC 238 (Semiconductor Diode Lasers).

Last revised: September 2002