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EEC237B – Advanced Lasers

3 units – Winter Quarter; alternate years

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: EEC 237A

Grading: Letter; exam (30%), final (40%) and homework (30%).

Catalog Description:

Quantum mechanical description of lasers and interactions of materials with laser light. Relationship to rate equation approach. Optical Bloch equations and coherent effects. Theory and practice of active and passive mode-locking of lasers. Injection locking.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Quantum Mechanics
    1. Schroedinger wave equation and time-dependent perturbations
    2. Fermi’s Golden Rule
    3. Density matrix formalism-decay rates and dephasing
    4. Stimulated transitions
    5. Origins of second- and third-order nonlinear susceptibility
    6. Two photon absorption and Raman effect
  2. Coherently Driven Oscillators
    1. Adiabatic elimination of polarization-rate equations and their validity
    2. Strong signal behavior
    3. Rabi frequency
    4. Optical Bloch equations
  3. Coherent Effects in Interaction of Light with Matter
    1. Coherent transients
    2. Self-induced transparency, pulse area theorem, 0-p pulses
    3. Photon echoes
    4. Optical Stark effect
    5. Magnetic dipole transitions
  4. Active Mode-Locking of Lasers
    1. Time and frequency domain analysis
    2. AM and FM mode-locking
    3. Practical methods of gain and loss modulation
    4. Complete and partial locking
  5. Passive Mode-Locking of Lasers
    1. Saturable absorbers and pulse shortening
    2. Slow and fast absorbers
    3. Other methods of effective instantaneous loss modulation
    4. Ultrashort pulse systems
  6. Laser Injection Locking
    1. Basic analysis of injection
    2. Locked oscillator regime
    3. Pulsed injection locking


  1. A. Yariv, Quantum Electronics, Wiley, 1989.
  2. Selected research papers

Instructor: Heritage


Last revised: February 1997