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EEC232A – Advanced Applied Electromagnetics I

3 units – Winter Quarter;  alternate years

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: EEC 131B or EEC 132B

Grading: Letter; quizzes, midterm, final and homework.

Catalog Description:

The exact formulation of applied electromagnetic problems using Green’s functions. Applications of these techniques to transmission circuits. (Offered in even years)

Expanded Course Description

  1. Basic Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Theory
  2. Tensor Properties, Green’s Dyadic
    1. Green’s Functions
    2. Modified Green’s Functions
    3. Green’s Dyadic Function
    4. Modified Dyadic Green’s Function
  3. Two Dimensional Planar Components
    1. Basic concepts
    2. Green’s Functions for Two Dimensional Components
    3. Techniques for Evaluation of Green’s Functions
    4. Green’s Functions for Various Configurations
    5. Segmentation and Desegmentation
  4. Quasi-Static Analysis of Microstrip
    1. Integral Equation Method
    2. Variational Method in Fourier Transform Domain (FTD)
    3. Microstrip Dispertion Models
  5. Methods of Fullwave Analysis
    1. Analysis of Open Microstrip
    2. Galerkin’s Method in FTD
    3. Analysis of Enclosed Microstrip
    4. Integral Equation Method
  6. Microstrip Discontinuities
    1. Discontinuity Capacitance Evaluation
    2. Variational Method
      1. Green’s Function Formulation
        1. Electric Wall Green’s Function
        2. Magnetic Wall Green’s Function
      2. Green’s Function Formulation for Semi-Infinite Line Source


  1. R.E. Collin, Field Theory of Guided Waves, IEEE Press, 1991.
  2. W.D. Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics, John Wiley, 1975.
  3. K.C. Gupta, R. Garg and I. J. Bahl, Microstrip Lines and Slotlines, Artech, 1979.

ABET Category Content:

Engineering Science: 2 credits
Engineering Design: 1 credit

Instructor: Branner


Last revised: November 1991