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EEC231C – Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

3 units – Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: EEC 231B; consent of instructor.

Grading: Letter.

Catalog Description:

Equilibrium plasma properties; single particle motion; fluid equations; waves and instabilities in a fluid plasma; plasma kinetic theory and transport coefficients; linear and nonlinear Vlasov theory; fluctuations, correlations and radiation; inertial and magnetic confinement systems in controlled fusion.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Neoclassical diffusion
  2. Equilibrium and stability
  3. MHD equilibrium
  4. Hydromagnetic equilibrium in confinement geometries
  5. Tokamak equilibrium, safety factor, Grad-Shafranov shift
  6. Rayleigh-Taylor instability, interchange instability
  7. MHS stability; energy principle
  8. Tokamak stability
  9. Tearing modes’ magnetic reconnection
  10. Sawtooth instability
  11. Drift waves
  12. Thomson scattering; collective scattering
  13. Parametric instabilities
  14. Stimulated scattering
  15. Laser fusion


  1. White, Theory of Tokamak Plasmas (1989), Elsevier Science Publishers B.V.
  2. Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy, Jeffrey P. Freidberg, Cambridge University Press, 2007
  3. Kruer, The Physics of Laser Interactions (1988), Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.
  4. Dalton D. Schnack, Lectures in Magnetohydrodynamics: With an Appendix on Extended MHD, Springer, Lecture Notes in Physics, Volume 780 (2009)

Instructors: Luhmann


Note: Former EAD 280C now EEC 231C due to discontinuation of EAD course. Course content has not changed, only course department & number. Expanded Course Description Added 7-1-14

Last revised: July 2015