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EEC231B – Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

3 units – Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: EEC 231A; consent of instructor.

Grading: Letter.

Catalog Description:

Equilibrium plasma properties; single particle motion; fluid equations; waves and instabilities in a fluid plasma; plasma kinetic theory and transport coefficients; linear and nonlinear Vlasov theory; fluctuations, correlations and radiation; inertial and magnetic confinement systems in controlled fusion.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Waves in hot plasmas: General hot plasma dispersion, Bernstein modes. cyclotron harmonics, Landau and cyclotron damping
  2. Damping and excitation of waves: resistivity. viscosity, neutral collisions, resonant particles; grids, coils
  3. Waves in bounded plasmas; Trivelpiece-Gould modes
  4. Accessibility and tunneling
  5. R. F. heating of plasmas
  6. Tonks-Dattner resonances
  7. Beam-plasma interactions; convective and absolute instabilities
  8. Streaming instabilities; Penrose criterion; current-driven instabilities
  9. Energy and momentum of waves; positive and negative energy waves
  10. Quailinear diffusion
  11. Echoes


  1. P.M. Bellan, Fundamentals of Plasma Physics, Cambridge University Press (6 April 2006)
  2. Stix, Waves in Plasmas (1992), American Institute of Physics, NY ISBN 0-88318-859-7

Instructors: Luhmann


Note: Former EAD 280B now EEC 231B due to discontinuation of EAD course. Course content has not changed, only course department & number. Expanded Course Description Added 7-1-14

Last revised: July 2015