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EEC230 – Electromagnetics

3 units – Fall Quarter

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: EEC 130B

Grading: Letter; homework (70%) and exam (30%).

Catalog Description:

Maxwell’s equations, plane waves, reflection and refraction, complex waves, waveguides, resonant cavities, and basic antennas.

Expanded Course Description:

To impart a rigorous understanding of plane wave and guided wave propagation and manipulation. To provide thorough preparedness for applications of electromagnetics to devices in microwaves, lasers and other high frequency devices.

  1. Maxwell’s Equations-Time Varying Fields-Conservation Laws
    1. Faraday’s Law, Displacement Current, Maxwell’s Equation
    2. Plane Waves, Energy Density, Poynting Theorem
    3. Boundary Conditions for Fields
    4. Vector and Scalar Potentials
  2. Plane Wave Propagation and Reflection
    1. Polarization
    2. Waves in Lossy Media
    3. Reflection and Refraction at a plane interface
    4. Waves in Layered Media
  3. Complex Nonuniform Waves
    1. Complex Wave Classification
    2. Backward and Forward Leaky Waves
    3. Trapped Surface Waves
    4. Zenneck Waves, Plasmons
  4. Waveguides and Resonant Cavities
    1. General Formulation
    2. Group and Energy Velocities
    3. Rectangular Waveguides
    4. Circular Metal and Dielectric Waveguides
    5. Resonant Cavities
  5. Radiation
    1. Retarded Potentials
    2. Linear Antennas
    3. Antenna Arrays


  1. Fields and Waves in Communication Electronics, Second Edition. S. Ramo, J. R. Whinnery and Th. vanDuzer, John Wiley & Sons, 1984.
  2. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, Radiation and Scattering, Akira Ishimara, Prentice-Hall, 1991.(Text can be 1 or 2 with selected readings)

ABET Category Content:

Engineering Science: 3 credits
Engineering Design: 0 credit

Instructors: Staff

Course Overlap:

Course has minimal overlap with existing electromagnetic courses at UCD.

Last revised: September 2001