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EEC221 – Analog Filter Design

3 units – Fall Quarter

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: EEC 100, EEC 150A

Grading: Letter; homework (40%), midterm exams (40%) and final exam (20%).

Catalog Description:

Design of active and passive filters including filter specification and approximation theory. Passive LC filter design will cover doubly-terminated reactance two-port synthesis. Active filter design will include sensitivity, op-amp building blocks, cascade, multi-loop, ladder and active-R filter design.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Introduction
    1. Classification of filters
    2. Linear time-invariant systems
    3. Normalization
    4. Types of filters
  2. Approximation Methods
    1. Butterworth
    2. Chebyshev
    3. Inverse Chebyshev
    4. Elliptical
    5. Bessel
  3. LC Filter Design
    1. LC immitance functions
    2. Two-port parameters
    3. Design of lattice filters
    4. Darlington Sections
    5. Ladder synthesis
  4. Sensitivity
    1. Single-parameter sensitivity
    2. Sensitivity matrix
    3. Details of second- and third-order sensitivities
    4. Multiparameter sensitivity
    5. Large Change sensitivity
  5. Op-Amps and Fundamental Active Filter Building Blocks
    1. Op-amps and mullator/norator conceptss
    2. Controlled sources, integrators and gyrators
    3. Active second- and third-order sections
    4. Active building blocks based upon transconductances
  6. Second-Order Active Filters
    1. Single op-amp building blocks
    2. Multi-amplifier building blocks
  7. High-Order Filters
    1. Cascade realization
    2. Multiple-loop feedback
    3. Active ladders
    4. Wave analog filters
  8. IC Active Filters
    1. Single-ended vs. fully balanced
    2. Automatic tuning
    3. Monolithic op-amp filters
    4. Monolithic transconductance filters
    5. Active-R filters

Computer Usage:

Students are required to use MATLAB and pSPICE to test their designs. Also other specialized computer programs such as FILTER and LADDER are used.Computers required are UNIX workstations and/or PC’s running Windows 95.


  1. Rolf Schaumann, Mohammed S. Ghausi and Kenneth R. Laker, Design of Analog Filters: Passive, Active-RC and Switched-Capacitor, Prentice-Hall, 1990.
  2. Rolf Schaumann, Michael A. Soderstrand and Kenneth R. Baker, Modern Active Filter Design, IEEE Press, 1981.

Engineering Design Statement:

Students carry out homework problems that require iterative design to meet the specifications and use computer simulations to verify that the designs meet specifications. Exams include design problems and some or all of the exams are take-home in nature, allowing meaningful design problems.

ABET Category Content:

Engineering Science: 1 credit
Engineering Design: 2 credits

Instructor: Soderstrand


Last revised: November 1996