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EEC214 – Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis and Design

3 units – Winter Quarter

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: EEC 110A, EEC 110B or knowledge of FORTRAN or C.

Grading: Letter; research paper summary and presentation (30%), CAD programming project (30%), and final exam (40%).

Catalog Description:

Network equation formulations. Nonlinear DC, linear AC, time-domain (both linear and nonlinear), steady-state (nonlinear) and harmonic analysis. DC, AC, and time-domain sensitivities of linear and nonlinear circuits. Gradient-based design optimization. Behavioral simulations. Extensive CAD project.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Formulation of Network Equations
  2. Solution of Linear DC and AC Circuit Equations
  3. “Companion Models” for Linear and Nonlinear Time-Domain Analyses – Equation Formulation
  4. Solution of Linear and Nonlinear DC and Time-Domain Circuit Equations
  5. Harmonic Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits
  6. Steady-State Analysis of Lightly-Damped Nonlinear Circuits
  7. Calculation of Linear and Nonlinear DC, AC, and Time-Domain Circuit Sensitivities
  8. AC, DC, and Transient Gradient Calculations
  9. Design Optimization – DC, AC, Transient
  10. Behavioral Models and Simulation

The methods learned will be applied to the following:

  1. Class Project: Each student is required to develop, implement, and fully document a CAD procedure.
  2. Journal Article Review: Each student is required to give an oral and written summary of a journal paper on the CAD of integrated circuits.


  1. Recent journal paper.
  2. J. Vlach and K. Singhal, Computer Methods for Circuit Analysis and Design, 1983.last (R
  3. K. W. Current, Introduction to Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis and Design Optimization, 1983.
  4. S. B. Haley and K. W. Current, “Response to Change in Linearized Circuits and Systems: Computational Algorithms and Applications,” Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 73, pp. 5-24, 1985.

ABET Category Content:

Engineering Design: 2 credits
Engineering Science: 1 credit

Instructor: Current, Haley


Last revised: June 1996