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EEC145 – Electronic Materials

4 units – Winter Quarter

Lecture: 3 hours

Discussion: 1 hour

Prerequisite: EEC 140A

Grading: Letter; midterms and final (70%: midterm 1 20%, midterm 2 20%, final 30%), weekly quizzes (10%), weekly homework (20%).

Catalog Description:

Electronic and physical properties of materials used in electronics, ICs, optoelectronics and MEMS. Thermal, mechanical, conductive, optical and nonlinear properties, along with synthesis and deposition methods of semiconductors, dielectrics, metals, optical materials, organic semiconductors and magnetic thin films are discussed.

Expanded Course Description:

Thorough understanding of the materials used in electronic and MEMS devices, including semiconductors, metals and dielectrics, both bulk and thin films.

  1. Semiconductors
    1. Review of the MOS fundamentals and needs
    2. Physical properties
    3. Conductivity and mobility
    4. Temperature effects and thermoelectrics
    5. Compound semiconductors and heterostructures
    6. Fabrication technologies
    7. Defects
    8. Nanomaterials and their properties
  2. Dielectrics
    1. Native and deposited oxides
    2. Native and deposited nitrides and carbides
    3. Thermal properties, mismatch and slip
    4. Tunneling properties
    5. Fabrication methods
  3. Metals
    1. Properties of refractory metals
    2. Composite thin-films and Damascene structures
    3. Diffusion barriers
    4. Ohmic and Schottky contacts
    5. Deposition technologies
  4. Optical Properties
    1. Optical absorption and emission in inorganic solids
    2. Photoconductivity


  1. R. E. Hummel, Electronic Properties of Materials, Springer 2011
  2. Instructor’s Notes

Instructors: Hunt, Islam, Kiehl, Seker, Hihath, Woodall


Last revised: April 2012