• Parallel Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm using Gunrock, UC Davis, Winter 2014
    Implemented Boruvka's parallel Minimum Spanning Tree algorithm on GPU using a high-performance CUDA graph library
    Analyzed GPU implementation performance against CPU implementations

  • Mobile IPv6 Protocol using Filtering Technology
    Senior Design Project, IPv6 Research Laboratory, Macau, Spring 2013
    Designed and Implemented Mobile IPv6 Protocol using Filtering Technology.
    Upgraded a NDIS filter driver to filter bypassing data packets.
    Extended roaming capabilities and merged into standard IPv6 protocol.

  • Defect Detection System of Bridge
    Advanced Computer Graphics and Imaging Lab, Macau Univ. of Sci. and Tech., Macau, Fall 2012
    Implemented image processing technologies and algorithms used in defect detection.
    Focused on noise reduction and segmentation used in analyze and recognize the damage of the bridge surface.

  • A Multi-Agent Decision Support System
    Software Lab, Macau, 2010 - 2011
    Collaborated with other students on a project of multi-agent decision support system and its application.
    Used Markov Chain to model a variety of economic trends and market crashes.

  • Hefei University of Technology Anhui, China, Winter 2012
    Collaborated with other employees on evaluating hardware platform performance.
    Focused on testing, simulations, results analysis and report writing.

Coursework (Some)


  • Yuduo Wu, Z.J. Huang, Z.D. He
    Embedded Surface Defect Detection System of Bridge based on ARM and FPGA
    Journal of Information Technology 2013, (7) Page. 140 - 142.

  • Wu Congzhong, Wang Jie, James Y. Wang and Yuduo Wu
    Study of functional verification for the control endpoint of USB 3.0 device controller IP core.
    Journal of Electronic Measurement And Instrument 2012, 26(6) Page. 508 - 513.