Specific Research Interest:

Research in Dr. Gu's group focuses on high speed integrated circuits and systems design, especially in mm Wave/sub-mm Wave/THz circuits/systems in CMOS and post-CMOS devices. We are excited in the research to boost circuit speed, lower power consumption and enhance circuit reliability for various application areas, including high speed wireless/wire-line communications, imaging and sensing systems, interconnect etc.


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   Dr. Jane Gu

        Assistant Professor

        Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

        University of California, Davis

        Davis, CA 95616


        Office: Kemper Hall 2041

        Phone: 530-752-8960

        Email: JGU@ucdavis.edu

High Speed Integrated Circuits & Systems

High speed integrated circuits & systems

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Davis, CA 95616