Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering UC Davis

Thesis Research Supervision

    M.S. Brian Sargent “A study of linearly constrained Bayesian decision.” 1973

    M.S. Steven Dingman “Performance comparison of two detectors.” 1975

    Ph.D. Richard Poulsen “Evaluation of the constrained Bayesian methodology for signal detection.” 1977

    Ph.D. Daniel Bukofzer “Coherent and noncoherent detection of cyclostationary signals in cyclostationary noise.” 1979

    Ph.D. Louis Botsford “Modeling, stability, and optimization of aquatic productive systems.” 1979

    M.S. James Kazakov “A study of the LMS algorithm for adaptive estimation.” 1980

    M.S. Phillip Kelley “Pilot-directed adaptive signal extraction and rapidly converging computationally efficient algorithms.” 1982

    Ph.D. Mehrdad Hajivandi “Tracking performance of stochastic-gradient algorithms for nonstationary processes.” 1982

    M.S. Catherine French “Spread Spectrum despreading without the code.” 1984

    M.S. Brian Agee “Multichannel adaptive signal extraction using embedded pilot signals.” 1985

    M.S. Chinkang Chen “Spectral correlation of modulated signals.” 1985

    M.S. James Holl “Optimization-based adaptive filters for periodic signals in noise.” 1985

    Ph.D. William Brown "On the theory of cyclostationary signals." 1987

    M.S. Stephan Schell “Self coherence restoral (SCORE): A new approach to blind adaptation of antenna arrays.” 1987

    M.S. Chad Spooner “Performance evaluation of detectors for cyclostationary signals." 1988

    Ph.D. Randy Roberts “Digital architectures for cyclic spectral analysis.” 1989

    M.S. Robert Calabretta “On cyclic MUSIC algorithms for signal-selective direction estimation.” 1989

    Ph.D. Brian Agee “The property restoral approach to blind adaptive signal extraction.” 1989

    Ph.D. Chihkang Chen “Spectral correlation characterization of modulated signals with application to signal detection and source location.” 1989

    M.S. Teri Archer "Exploitation of cyclostationarity for identifying the Volterra kernels of a nonlinear system." 1990

    Ph.D. Stephan Schell "Exploitation of spectral correlation for signal-selective direction finding." 1990

    Ph.D. Chad Spooner "Theory and application of higher-order cyclostationarity." 1992

    M.S. Grace Yeung, “New methods of cycle detection.” 1993

    M.S. Peter Murphy, “Performance evaluation of a blind adaptive antenna array in cellular Communications for increasing capacity.” 1993

    M.S. Gene Fong, “Evaluation of least-squares algorithms for detection and estimation of cyclostationary signals.” 1993

    M.S. Jeffrey Schenck, “Evaluation of a method for blind adaptive spatial processing.” 1994

    Ph.D. Earl W. McCune, Jr. “Extended phase-shift keying.” 1998.

    M.S. Kurt E. Sundstrom, “Time-variant filtering for GSM signal separation.” 1998

    Ph.D. Mathew A. Mow, “Periodically-time-variant spatio-temporal filtering for improvement of GSM networks.” 1998

    Ph.D. Mark Kahn “Adapting spatio-temporal filters by generalized canonical correlation analysis.” 1998 (incomplete)