EEC 289Q Matlab Notes

Running Matlab From Unix

Matlab should already be in your path. The binary is located in /usr/pkg/matlab/bin/matlab

To start matlab, just type

For a cleaner faster-over-the-net interface, type
   matlab -nodesktop

Useful functions for 281

   .* ./           term-by-term multiply or divide of two vectors
   axis            set range of axes for plots
   conv            convolve two sequences
   hold            for printing multiple plots on an axes
   plot            x vs. y plots

Getting Matlab Help

If you know the name of a function, the best way to find details is to type "help functionname" at the matlab prompt.

The best way to find general information and names of available functions is to use the Mathworks helpdesk site.

Check out Getting Started with Matlab, which is listed in the course references.

An example function to get you started is here.

Written by Bevan Baas
2005/03/17  Various updates
2011/02/19  Updated -nojvm flag is now -nodesktop
2017/02/23  Moved link to matlab scripts to top-level 281 page