ECE Machines and Tool Setup for EEC 281

EEC 281 homework projects are done using CAD tools located on the ECE computers in Kemper 2107. You may either use those computers by sitting at their consoles in Kemper 2107 or log into them remotely from your own computer.

Setting up an ECE computer account

Logging in to a suitable machine

Available ECE machines

Setting up your unix environment

  1. Open up a new terminal

  2. Type 'setup cadence' (without quotes) and press enter

  3. Type 'setup designcompiler' (without quotes) and press enter

  4. The tools will work once you close this terminal and open up a new one.


2017/01/25  Complete update of machines from SW and PW
2015/01/16  Changed procedure to point to ECE machines instead of VCL
2013/02/07  Updated ECE machines in 2107
2011/01/27  Updated ssh -Y info
2010/01/27  Updated DOT.cshrc path and machine info
2009/02/12  Written