Equipment needed for EEC 180A

  1. Protoboard/Breadboard
  2. For the later projects in EEC180A, you may need four "panels" so buy this size if you can.

    Vendor Phone Address Type Price
    eBay       Can be low

    UCD Bookstore



    Global PB104


    Radio Shack


    634 G St. Davis


    Up to $21.95

    Fry's (916) 286-5800
    (916) 567-4800
    4100 Northgate Bl.
    PB104 $49.95


    (916) 338-2545

    4837 Amber Ln, Sacramento
    80 toward Reno,
    Right on Madison,
    Right on College Oak,
    Right on Amber


    $17 to $39

    Caution: Prices are old and likely out of date.

    Mail order: Jameco Electronic Components,, (800) 831-4242

    If you are unfamiliar with how protoboards work, watch a tutorial video like this one before coming to lab.

    If you plan to take EEC172, the large-sized protoboard is needed for that course (similar to Global PB104)--verify this claim with the EEC172 instructor if this affects you. Global Specialties has a lifetime replacement guarantee on their protoboards.

    Caution: removing chips from protoboards

    Remove chips from protoboards by prying a tool like a small screwdriver under chips until they come lose and can be picked up with your fingers. DO NOT pull chips with two fingers! On occasion one side will come lose and one side will stay stuck in the board and you will have 2, 4, or 6 very sharp pins impaled into your finger and under your fingernail. It is very painful puncture wound.

  3. Wire cutters/strippers
  4. For cutting and stripping wires (that are provided in lab), bring a pair of wire cutters/strippers such as one of these:

    If you have skilled and steady hands, these "diagonal cutters" also work very well:

  5. Needle-nose pliers (optional)
  6. These are extremely helpful for inserting and removing wires when there are many overlapping wires, but they are not required.

Last update: January 9, 2015