EEC180A, Digital Systems I

Lab Report Requirements

Lab reports serve two equally important purposes. First, they indicate your technical comprehension of the topics addressed in the labs, and second, they indicate your ability to present and discuss your results in a clear and concise manner. You will be graded on both aspects of your report.

The general format for your lab report is given below. This is just a sample format and it represents the minimum amount of information you should include in a typical report. You may need to add more sections and discuss your findings in greater detail.

Do not copy parts of the lab assignment handout in your lab report. Think about it, interpret it, and explain it the best you can, in your own words.

1. Cover sheet. Staple it to your report.

2. Design and Test Procedures. Where appropriate, explain the following:

(a) Step-by-step description of what you did. Include a reasonable level of detail that clearly demonstrates you correctly performed and understand the lab. Do not include insignificant minute details or things given in the lab handout.

(b) All necessary calculations.

(c) All chip-level pin-to-pin circuit diagrams of your design. If applicable, you may use a modular approach in presenting your design first, give a top-level block diagram, and then elaborate on each block.

3. Results. Present your results clearly and concisely (labeling graph axes, including all units of measurement, etc.).

4. Answers to Questions. Answer all questions listed in the lab handout.

Last update: January 21, 2015