Anh T. Tran, Ph.D.
VCL Lab - ECE Department
University of California - Davis

Office: VCL Lab, R. 2211, Kemper Hall
Phone: (530) N/A
Email: anh.t.tran (at) ieee (dot) org

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1) NoCTweak

A networks-on-chip (NoC) simulator allows designers to early estimate performance (latency and throughput), energy efficiency (average/peak power, average energy per packet) and area of several networks on-chip configurations. This tool is open-source using SystemC, a C++ plugin, which is used to quickly model complex systems at a higher level but less details than RTL. NoCTweak is a cycle-accurate simulator with power and area parameters are taken from both commercial and PTM CMOS processes from 180nm downto 22nm. Scaling rules are based on ITRS.

Features (version v1.0)
     - read network settings from both commandline and/or configuration files
     - simulate both 3D and 2D networks
     - benchmarks: synthetic, real/embedded applications, multithread traces
     - topologies: mesh, torus, ring
     - router architectures: wormhole, virtual channel, circuit-switched, shared queues
     - routing algorithms: deterministic, adaptive, table-based
     - arbitrating policies: round-robin, iSLIP, winner takes all
     - variable pipeline stages

Stable version (v0.9.3)
Coming soon (v1.0)

NoCTweak can be downloaded from sourceforge:

(If you find NoCTweak to be useful for your reseach, please cite the technical report below in your related publications. We appreciate your collaboration.)

Anh Tran and Bevan Baas, "NoCTweak: a Highly Parameterizable Simulator for Early Exploration of Performance and Energy of Networks On-Chip," Technical Report, VLSI Computation Lab, ECE Department, UC Davis, July 2012. (pdf)

2) AsAPgui

A tool allows programmers to quickly map, test and measure multi-task applications on the AsAP many-core platform. The tool helps avoiding bugs and hard-detected mistakes by programming without GUI. This tool is contributed by Emmanuel Adeagbo and Anh Tran.


Stable version (v0.92)
Comming soon (v1.0)