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Attaching comment block to a specific function ( fn )
The var command is used to explicitly link a documentation comment block to the specified function. When documenting functions it's necessary to specify the return type (also if it's void) of the function along with the parameter types.

\fn <return_type> [scope]<fun_name>[(param_type, param_type ..)]
Normal way of documenting goes here ....

\fn int FreeFunction(int)
Normal way of documenting goes here ....

The var command does not produce any output of its own, but secures that the comment block as a whole is used to produce the documentation of the specified class. But see FreeFunction().
About putting the documentation in separate files
This command is used for documenting an entity away from it's definition in the code. See SeparateDocs for some examples.

The commands for making separate documentation are:

\class, \def, \enum, (\file), \fn, \namespace, \struct, \typedef, \union \var
Qualify with scope (class, namepace) if inside a scope like this:
\enum SepDocClass::ClassEnum

See also
  • SepDocNamespace::NamespaceFunction()