An Integrated 802.11a Baseband and MAC Processor

John Thomson, Bevan M. Baas, Elizabeth Cooper, Jeffrey Gilbert, George Hsieh, Paul Husted, Aparna Lokanathan, Jeffrey Kuskin, David McCracken, Bill McFarland, Teresa Meng, David Nakahira, Samuel Ng, Mahesh Rattehalli, Jeff Smith, Ravi Subramanian, Lars Thon, Yi-Hsiu Wang, Robert Yu, Xiaoru Zhang

Atheros Communications
Sunnyvale, CA


A 0.25 μm CMOS mixed-signal baseband and MAC processor for the IEEE 802.11a WLAN standard in 0.25 μm CMOS occupies 6.8 x 6.8 mm2 and contains 4.0 M transistors in a 196-pin BGA package. Power consumption for transmit and receive is 326 mW and 452 mW. Additional data rates up to 108 Mb/s are supported.




J. Thomson, B. Baas, et al., "An Integrated 802.11a Baseband and MAC Processor," International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), February 2002.

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