Getting Started in the VCL Lab

This page discusses getting access codes to the labs, setting up your .cshrc and .login file, and the CVS Repository which we use to store and track changes of group files.

1. Get added to the VCL netgroup (allow logins to VCL machines etc.)

2. Keeping in touch

3. Get access codes to the labs (Kemper 2201 and 2211)

    Talk to the person at the front desk in the ECE office to get the paperwork for a door code to Kemper 2201 and 2211, and a key to Kemper Hall.

4. Set up your ~/.cshrc file

5. Add Synopsis to your .software file

6. Set default unix group to "vcl" (so file group ownership is correct)

7. Add the Matlab path to your .login file

8. Add AsAP-ASM syntax highlighting to your nedit.rc file (less important in 2013)

  1. Run "nedit -import /net/pizza/tools/bin/DOT.nedit"
  2. Click "Preferences" -> "Save Defaults" -> "OK"
  3. Restart nedit by running "nedit"

9. Check out a CVS tree

10. Check out an SVN tree

11. Obtain access to VCL web space (on AFS file system)

12. Web page items

  1. Get a picture for the main VCL web page

    Get someone to take a friendly smiling picture of you against a partition in 2211 or other white background and probably without a flash. Wear a professional-looking collared buttoned-up dress shirt. A dress shirt with a dress jacket is ideal for Ph.D. students. No tie needed. Crop like the other posted pictures scaled to 108 pixels wide x 144 pixels tall.

    1. Balance the colors (Colors > Levels > Auto, in gimp)
    2. Crop a high resolution picture so there is a small amount of space on the sides of each arm
    3. Resize or Scale photo with aspect ratio locked so it has a width of 108 pixels
    4. Crop to 144 pixels high with a small border above head
    5. Save as jpeg (Export in gimp)

  2. Set up a personal web page

    Set up a web page in your home directory and link to that page from your picture and name on the VCL home page. For now, a simple page with the basics such as your picture, contact info, affiliation, brief bio, and research interests is fine. Make your main page professional looking and put more personal content on other pages. Do not put unprofessional things (difficult to define) on any pages. Your web page reflects on everyone in the group.

13. Setup a google calendar

14. Register with SRC

15. Read some of our introductory papers

    The best papers to read will depend on your own project direction, but these papers will be informative for all new students (read in the order listed):

VCL | ECE Dept. | UC Davis

Last update: July 24, 2014