Tools Installed Locally

Tool Version Location Comments
Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0.1 /net/pizza/8/acrobat For browser plugin run Browser/install_browser_plugin
AsAP Mapping Tool 1.0.0 /net/pizza/2/bin/asapmap Documentation
Boost C++ Libraries 1.33.1 /net/pizza/8/programming/boost  
Calibre 2006.4_35.37 /net/pizza/8/calibre-2006.4_35.37  
Calibre 2007.1_31.29 /net/pizza/8/calibre-2007.1_31.29  
CosmosScope 3.3 /net/pizza/8/cscope-2006.06  
Design Compiler Y-2006.06-SP4 /net/pizza/8/synopsys-2006.06  
Design Compiler Z-2007.03 /net/pizza/8/synopsys-2007.03  
Design Compiler Z-2007.07-AMD64 /net/pizza/8/dc-compile-2007.07.amd64  
Eclipse SDK 3.2.0 /net/pizza/8/eclipse CDT 3.0.0 Installed
Formality Z-2006.12-SP3 /net/pizza/8/fm-2006.12-SP3  
GraphViz 2.8 /net/pizza/8/programming/graphviz  
GDS2POV 20070827 /net/pizza/8/gds2pov Includes povray for rendering images
GNUPlot 4.0.0 /net/pizza/8/programming/gnuplot  
HSPICE Y-2006.09 /net/pizza/8/hspice  
ICFB 5.0.33 /net/pizza/8/cadence/IC5033  
ICFB 5.10.41 /net/pizza/8/cadence/IC5141  
Inkscape 0.44.1 /net/pizza/8/inkscape  
InstallScape 3.11 /net/pizza/8/iscape  
Java SDK /net/pizza/8/java/bin/java  
Magic 7.4.19 /net/pizza/8/magic Includes IRSIM 9.7.23
Mozilla Firefox /net/pizza/8/mozilla/firefox Installation instructions:
  1. download firefox
  2. switch to user vcl, "su - vcl"
  3. backup old firefox version and extract new firefox archive
  4. make sure everything is writeable only for user vcl, and has group vcl_cad, "chmod -R go-w" and "chgrp -R vcl_cad" otherwise some user settings get saved there
  5. copy the plugin files from the old version, "cp firefox.old/plugins/*"
  6. move it to /net/pizza/8/mozilla/firefox if not there already
Mozilla Thunderbird /net/pizza/8/mozilla/thunderbird  
MPICH2 1.0.5 /net/pizza/2/lib/mpich2  
Nanosim V-2005.09 /net/pizza/8/nanosim-2005.09  
Nanosim V-2007.06 /net/pizza/8/nanosim-2007.06  
Nanosim V-2007.06-AMD64 /net/pizza/8/nanosim-2007.06.amd  
NCVerilog 4.1 /net/pizza/8/cadence/LDV41  
NCVerilog 5.1 /net/pizza/8/cadence/LDV51  
SOC Encouter GDS 4.1 /net/pizza/8/cadence/SOC41  
SOC Encouter GDS 4.2 /net/pizza/8/cadence/SOC42  
SOC Encouter GDS 5.2 /net/pizza/8/cadence/SOC52  
SOC Encouter GDS 6.1 /net/pizza/8/cadence/SOC61  
SOC Encouter GDS 6.2 /net/pizza/8/cadence/SOC62  
SOLD Y-2006.09 /net/pizza/8/sold-2006.09  
Star-RCXT 2006.12-SP1 /net/pizza/8/star-rcxt-2006.12-SP1  
TeTex (Latex) 3.141592 (Web2C 7.5.4) /net/pizza/8/tetex  
VCS 2006.06 /net/pizza/8/vcs-2006.06  
VIM 7.0.35 /net/pizza/8/vim  
XCircuit 3.4.24 /net/pizza/8/xcircuit  
Xilinx ISE 8.1i /net/pizza/8/xilinx/ise-8.1i  

Keeping Old Versions of Tools

There's probably no reason to keep the old versions of programs like firefox since they are mostly bug fixes. You can also download any version from mozilla if you needed to. That might be a good idea for major versions, when 3.0 comes out. I do that sometimes also when I have two versions of something that I every so often switch between, it's a good technique. I think we have something like that setup right now for the design compiler.
-Eric, 2007/12/06
Example possible upgrade path using symbolic links:
 firefox-2 -> firefox-
 firefox-3 -> firefox-
 firefox -> firefox-3

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Last update: December 5, 2007