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Asynchronous Array of simple Processors (AsAP) Version 1 Development Board

Welcome to the AsAP Version 1 development board web page. This page contains information on the AsAP Version 1 development board.

AsAP web pages:

Schematics and Layout:

Board Stack-Up:

        TOP    - ROUTING - TOP
        GND    - PLANE   - GND
        VIO    - PLANE   - PWR
        INNER1 - ROUTING - IN1
        VOSC   - PLANE   - IN2
        GND3   - PLANE   - IN3
        INNER4 - ROUTING - IN4
        VCORE  - PLANE   - IN5
        GND2   - PLANE   - IN6

Board Turn-on Results:

Part Data Sheets:

Configuration FPGA:

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Last update: September 11, 2006

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