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Asynchronous Array of simple Processors (AsAP) Demo Board

Welcome to AsAP Demo board web page. This page contains information on possible demo boards for use in AsAP proof of concept.

Demo Boards:

Xilinx Development Kits
Order #DescriptionVII/VII-ProSpartan-3ModuleDistributorPrice ($)We Own
DS-KIT-2VP20FF1152-NEVirtex-II Pro FF1152 P20 Development KitXInsight Electronics1,595.00-
DS-KIT-2VP4FF672-NEVirtex-2 Pro P4 Development KitXInsight Electronics895.00-
ADS-XLX-SP3-DEV1500Xilinx Spartan-3 Development KitXAvnet Electronics749.00-
DS-KIT-3SMB1500Spartan-3 MB 3S1500 Development KitXInsight Electronics695.00-
DS-KIT-V2MB1000Virtex-2 MB 2V1000 Development KitXInsight Electronics595.00-
ADS-V2-DSP-EVLXilinx Virtex-2 DSP Design KitXAvnet Electronics400.00-
DS-KIT-V2LC1000Virtex-2 LC1000 Development KitXInsight Electronics395.00-
DO-SPAR3-DKSpartan-3 Starter KitXXilinx99.00-
DN6000k10VirtexII-Pro Based ASIC Prototyping EngineXThe Dini GroupWaiting for RFQ-
DN6000k10PCIVirtexII-Pro Based ASIC Prototyping EngineXThe Dini GroupWaiting for RFQ-
DN3000k10VirtexII Based ASIC Prototyping EngineXThe Dini GroupWaiting for RFQ-
ADS-TI-USB-DAUTexas Instruments DSK to USB 2.0 DaughtercardXAvnet Electronics99.00-
DS-KIT-P160-ANALOG1P160 Analog Module KitXInsight Electronics275.001

Xilinx Development Kit Performance Comparisons
Order ## of Gates# of SlicesUSBLANRS-232A/V I/OLVDS I/OsExpansion Conns.On-board Flash/SDRAM

NOTE: A single AsAP processor consumes 1,676 slices in a Xilinx Spartan 3 (XC3S200) FPGA.

Possible AsAP Demo Boards
MFG P/NPrice ($)# of AsAP(s)Memory (Megabyte [MB])Comments
DS-KIT-2VP50FF1152-NE1500.00964P160 slot, RS-232, 10/100 Ethernet, 16-bit Tx/RX LVDS interface.
DS-KIT-2VP20FF1152-NE775.00464P160 slot, 10/100 Ethernet, 16-bit Tx/RX LVDS interface.
DS-KIT-4VLX60MB550.00932Has a P240 interface, so it can't mate to the P160 Analog module.
HW-AFX-SP3-2000-DB499.00101610/100 Ethernet, 14-bit D/A (LTC1654), 16-bit 250 ksps A/D (LTC1865L), RS-232, Plug-in interface for Linear Technology A/Ds and Intersil D/As evaluation boards. (user guide [ms word])
DS-KIT-P160-ANALOG1180.00N/AN/ATwo 12-bit 53 Msps A/D, Two 12-bit 165 Msps D/A. P160 slot interface.

FPGA Boards in the VCL Lab

August 2005
(1)   DS-KIT-3SLC400,   $125
(1)   DS-KIT-P160-PROTO1,   $60

November 2005
(1)   DS-KIT-3SMB1500,   $xxx
(1)   DS-KIT-P160-ANALOG1,   $xx
(1)   DS-KIT-xxxx-xxxx,   $xx

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