What is a Micromouse?

Mouse Humour

A Micro Mouse is an miniature electro-mechanical robot, typically consisting of three main subsystems: The drive system, an array of sensors, and the control system. Its purpose is to find its way through ANY type of maze (just like its real life brethren) - in the shortest amount of time. Each micromouse must meet certain specifications, and follow all the rules, to compete in the numerous competitions each year.

* Each mouse must be fully autonomous, they may not have any form of control link to an external source.

MicroMouse is an official course offered at UC Davis under EEC-194ABC. It is one of the few undergraduate courses that integrates several different disciplines of engineering, ranging from electrical to mechanical to computer science - it can offer a valuable learning experience.  In addition to various regional and national events for MicroMouse competition, one of our fondest events at UC Davis is the Picnic Day competition which occurs every spring. If you have a MicroMouse and would like to attend our Picnic Day competition, then please fill out our registration form so we know who you are and we can accommodate any special needs. If you do not have a mouse and would like to attend the MicroMouse competition, please go to our Picnic Day page to see how to get there (admission is FREE.) If you are curious about this project and would like to learn more about it, please check out the rules.