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Welcome to the UC Davis Micromouse Webpage. Here, you'll find information on the past and upcoming Micromouse events. If you are unfamiliar with what Micromouse is, you can read about up on it.

We'll be hosting the 16th Annual Micromouse Event during Picnic Day 2010 in 1002 Giedt Hall at 12:30pm.

Different Sections UC Davis' Micromouse Site
  • You can find descriptions of the various sections on this site, credits, and contact information of the current Micromouse Coordinator
  • You can find pictures of each team and their mouse in this section.
  • This section contains information about what exactly micromouse is, the rules for this contest, specifications for a micromouse, it's history at UC Davis, and some example mazes.
  • This section contains information about various hotels visitors can contact for lodging, Picnic Day information, registration information for visiting schools, and directions to the micromouse contest location.
  • This section contains information on past and present sponsors for the event.
  • There will be a links of other schools with micromouse and various other sites of interest.
Updating website for 2010 uMouse competition...
This year, the competition will take place in 1002 Giedt Hall, starting at 12:30pm until (TBD).

02/26/08 7:10 AM
It's that time again! The 2008 Micromouse T-shirt contest! Deadline for design submissions is March 24th, 2008. Check out the T-shirt contest page page for details.
09/28/07 02:35PM
I apologize for the lack of update, but the 2007 Micromouse Competition went without a hitch. Here are the winners:
Place Team Mouse Name
1st Ratzilla Ratzilla
2nd - Colonel Panic
3rd - ??
First place receives a $150 prize, second place gets $100 prize and third place winner gets $50. Congratulations to all winners, and hope to see you guys next year!
03/21/07 04:05AM
Friendly reminder: this Saturday, April 14th is the Micromouse Competition. Come by to 123 Science Lecture Hall from 12pm to 2pm and check us out! We will be giving away free stuff during the competition, so come empty, leave happy!
03/21/07 04:05AM
A couple of major announcements:
  • The Micromouse T-shirt design contest has ended. The winner this year is Marcus Williams. Congratulations Mr. Williams for your creativity.
  • This year's Micromouse competition will be held in Science Lecture Hall 123. Come visit us on Picnic Day: April 14th, 2007!
  • 02/13/07 10:42AM
    The 2007 Micromouse T-Shirt design contest deadline has been extended to March 9th, 2007!!
    02/03/07 03:40PM
    The 2007 Micromouse T-Shirt design contest has begun! Deadline for design submissions is March 1st, 2007. Please refer to umouse T-shirt Contest page for more details.
    01/09/07 12:05PM
    Welcome! This year's Micromouse competition will be held on April 14th, 2007. We are currently in the process of updating the website with current team members and team pictures. Stay tuned for more information!
    04/24/06 07:35 PM
    The results are in! Here are the winners of this year's 12th Annual Micromouse Competetion:
    Place Team Mouse Name Runtime
    1st Team Ratzilla! Ratzilla 3:49
    2nd Channel 4 Action News Team Baxter 3:55
    3rd - JABBA 4:04
    First place recieves a $150 prize, second $100, and third $50. Good job to everyone in Micromouse, and thank you to Professor Tak and Mr. Lin from Lin Engineering for coming down and joining us for a terrific Picnic Day!
    04/16/06 11:18 AM
    Come see us this weekend at Picnic Day. We'll be holding the 12th Annual Micromouse Competetion in 2205 Harring Hall, on Saturday, the 22nd of April. The contest will run from 12 PM to 2 PM. Come stop by and check out the coolness!
    04/15/06 1:03 PM
    The T-Shirt design contest has ended. This year's winner is Iris Cheung. Come see Iris' cool design this Saturday at Picnic Day!
    01/27/06 01:02 AM
    This year's T-Shirt design contest has begun. The deadline for submissions is Feburary 17, 2006, so get busy! More info is on the T-Shirt Contest Page.
    03/29/05 02:23 PM
    We will be hosting this year's competition in Harring 2205. The time of the competition will be from 12 PM to 3 PM.
    01/29/05 02:02 AM
    The T-shirt design contest for the Micromouse Competition has begun! The deadline to turn in contest images is February 18, 2005. Please see the T-Shirt Contest Page for more information.
    12/11/04 02:08 AM
    AMD has agreed to sponsor Micromouse yet again this year!
    11/20/04 12:55 AM
    Picnic Day this upcoming year will be on April 16, 2005.
    06/25/04 07:00 PM
    Redesign of Micromouse website and archive of previous information as best as I can.