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SWITCAP2 Instructions

Here we describe the procedure to run SWITCAP. We will use the input file as as an example.

  1. To invoke SWITCAP, at the terminal type:
  2. The SWITCAP program responds with:
    SWITCAP2 Archive:v1.1 As of:Nov-01-90
    Copyright (c) 1990 by Columbia University
    Enter input file name (. to quit):
  3. Then enter the SWITCAP input file name:

    The SWITCAP program responds with
    Enter output file name:
  4. Let us say that we want the output file to be named ``sample.out'', so we type
  5. Now SWITCAP commences computation. It will print out some dots as it goes to indicate that it is working. When it is finished we get the prompt again. The output file ``sample.out'' may now be edited, copied, deleted or acted on in any manner just like a regular file.

Example SWITCAP Netlist

    PERIOD 8E-6;
    CLOCK clk 1 (0 3/8);

    S1 (1 2) clk;
    S2 (2 3) #clk;
    C1 (2 0) 0.035;
    C2 (1 3) 0.250;
    C3 (3 4) 1.000;
    E1 (4 0 0 3) 5500;
    V1 (1 0);

    INFREQ 0.01 100000 LOG 15;
    SET V1 AC 1.0 0.0
    PRINT VR(4) VI(4)
    PLOT VDB(4) VP(4)


Download the schematic of the example above: [PS] [PDF]