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Magic Manual and Tutorials

  • Cover [PS] [PDF]
  • Table of Contents [PS] [PDF]
  • Introduction [PS] [PDF]
  • Magic Maintainer’s Manual #1: Hints for System Maintainers [PS] [PDF]
  • Magic Maintainer’s Manual #2: The Technology File [PS] [PDF]
  • Magic Maintainer’s Manual #3: Display Styles, Color Maps, and Glyphs [PS] [PDF]
  • Magic Maintainer’s Manual #1: Using Magic Under X Windows [PS] [PDF]
  • Tutorial #1, Getting Started [PS] [PDF]
  • Tutorial #2, Basic Painting & Selection [PS] [PDF]
  • Tutorial #3, Advanced Painting (Wiring & Plowing) [PS] [PDF]
  • Tutorial #4, Cell Hierarchies [PS] [PDF]
  • Tutorial #5, Multiple Windows [PS] [PDF]
  • Tutorial #6, Design-Rule Checking [PS] [PDF]
  • Tutorial #7, Netlists and Routing [PS] [PDF]
  • Tutorial #8, Circuit Extraction [PS] [PDF]
  • Tutorial #9, Format Conversion for CIF and Calma [PS] [PDF]
  • Tutorial #10, The Interactive Router [PS] [PDF]
  • Tutorial #11, Using IRSIM and RSIM with Magic [PS] [PDF]
  • Other Reports in This Series [PS] [PDF]
  • Copyright [PS] [PDF]

Magic Source Files for the Above Tutorials

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