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A Lowpass Circuit Example

The steps listed below demonstrate how to get started using the circuit simulator Hspice and post-processor CosmosScope on the ECE Department machines. An AC analysis is done on a simple RC lowpass filter using Hspice. The results are then viewed using the Hspice post-processor CosmosScope.

  1. Save the lowpass filter spice input file to a working directory. Use the File -> Save As menu option in Netscape to do this. Now change (cd) to that working directory.
  2. Enter the command hspice lowpass.cir >! lowpass.out. This will run the lowpass circuit Hspice input file through Hspice and create the files lowpass.out, lowpass.ac0, and other simulation related files.
  3. Click here to learn how to use CosmosScope for the post-processing of the Hspice files.

Further Sources of information for Hspice and CScope:

  1. View the Hspice manual page by entering man hspice at the unix command prompt.
  2. See other ECE department tutorials on Hspice/CScope.