List of Software Maintained by the ECE Department

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Below is a partial list of the software with links to documentation on how to get started with, use, and solve problems related to the various software packages.

NOTE: Undergraduate Instructional Computing Labs (2107 and 2110 Kemper) are running RHEL5 64-bit.

Vendor Program Version   RHEL3  
Altera Quartus II 8.0 Y Y N setup quartus quartus
Altera NIOS II 8.0 Y Y N setup quartus quartus
Altera Quartus II 9.0 N N Y setup quartus quartus
Altera NIOS II 9.0 N N Y setup quartus quartus
Agilent ADS 2011 N Y Y setup ads ads
Ansoft HFSS 12.1 Y Y Y setup hfss hfss
Ansoft HFSS 11.3 Y Y Y setup hfss11 hfss
Ansoft ePhysics 2.0 Y Y Y setup ephysics ephysics
COMSOL MultiPhysics 4.2a N N Y setup comsol comsol
Cadence Virtuoso Y Y Y eec119-setup virtuoso
MathWorks Matlab N Y Y setup matlab2007a matlab
MathWorks Matlab N Y Y   matlab
MathWorks Matlab (R2006a) Y Y N   matlab
Mentor Graphics ModelSim SE 6.3a Y Y Y setup modelsim vsim
Sonnet EM Suite 11.52 Y Y Y setup sonnet sonnet
Synopsys CosmosScope 3.2 Y Y Y setup cscope cscope
Synopsys Formality V-2003.12 Y Y Y setup formality formality
Synopsys HSPICE A-2008.03-SP1 N Y Y setup hspice hspice
Synopsys HSPICE V-2004.03-SP1 Y N N setup hspice hspice
Synopsys NanoSim W-2004.12-SP2 Y Y Y setup nanosim nanosim
Synopsys Primetime V-2004.06 Y Y Y setup primetime primetime
Synopsys Sentaurus I-2013.12 N N Y setup sentaurus sde
Synopsys Tecplot E-2010.12 N N Y setup tcad tecplot_ise
Synopsys TetraMAX X-2005.09 Y Y Y setup tmax tmax
Synplicity Synplify Premier 2010.09-1 Y Y Y setup synplicity synplify_premier
Synplicity Synplify Premier DP 2010.09-1 Y Y Y setup synplicity synplify_premier_dp
  Calibre v2004.4_8.14 Y Y Y    
  Dosemu 1.4.0 64-bit N N Y setup dosemu dosemu
  Dosemu 1.4.0 32-bit Y Y N setup dosemu dosemu
  Gemini 2.7.2 Y Y Y setup cad gemini
  IRSIM 9.5 Y Y Y setup cad irsim
Magic 7.1 Y Y Y setup cad magic
  SimpleScalar   Y Y Y    
  SPIMSAL 4.42 N Y Y setup spimsal spim or xspim
PC Switcap 1.0 N N Y setup dosemu dosemu; c:\switcap\sw
Switcap 2 N N N

Should you have any problems that the documentation does not answer, or believe a problem exists with the software or its installation, mail a note to and an ECE computer support staff member will help you with your question or problem.