ECE Printers


ECE supports many types of printers, with varying capabilities and restrictions. This document has been developed to assist you in figuring out what printer is best suited to your needs, and how to change your default printer. If a printer needs more paper, please add it (you can usually find extra reams on the corresponding printer table; if not, please contact computing support to request more paper). For any other problem, send email to . The following table describes the name, location, printer model and spooler for of our public printers. These printers may be used for ECE Department classwork and research only. Some printers are restricted to Faculty or Staff.

Ugrad Instructional Labs

Name Location Model Spooled by Supplies
LJ2107 2107 Kemper HP LaserJet 600 ugrad_print CE390A
LJ2110 2110 Kemper HP LaserJet 8150 ugrad_print C4182X

Grad Study Room

Name Location Model Spooled by Supplies
dj800ps 1107 Kemper HP DesignJet 800 PS 42"   C4844A, C4911A, C4912A, C4913A, Q1414A (paper)

Administration & Faculty Only

Name Location Model Spooled by Supplies
LJ2064 2064 Kemper HP Laserjet 2055n office_print CE505X
LJ3089 3124 Kemper HP LaserJet 4350dtn fac_print Q1339A
fac-printer1 2064 Kemper HP LaserJet 3005x fac_print Q7551X

Common Printing Tasks

Identifying the Name of your Default Printer

On a Linux system, type:

	lpstat -d

Changing Your Default Printer

On an Linux system, type:

	lpoptions -d PRINTER_NAME


On an Linux system, type:

	lpr <file name>

To print to a specific printer (PRINTERNAME), type:


Linux systems are able to print text, PDF, and postscript files using the lpr command.

Cancelling a print job

Note (important): You cannot cancel print jobs that have already been sent to the print server from a linux system.

To check if your job is still in the local queue, type:


To cancel your jobs find the job number (ie LJ2107-111), type:

	cancel LJ2107-111

Troubleshooting Printing

If your print job has not completed, and the printer is not printing out anything new, it may have stalled. If so, contact support@ece, or if it's after-hours, locate the lab attendant.

Checking your Quota

To check your print quota, you can type get_print_quota at a terminal. You can increase your quota by 200 pages by bringing a ream of paper to the support offices along with a receipt for the paper purchase.