Welcome to comp.lsi.cad / comp.lsi: this is the biweekly posting of frequently asked questions with answers. Before you post a question such as "Where can I ftp spice from?", please make sure that the answer is not already here. If you spot an error, or if there is any information that you think should be included, please send us a note at clcfaq@ece.ucdavis.edu.

This FAQ has recently been put on the Web in a much more readable format. Though it is still under minor construction, all of the pieces are there. Try it out at <URL:http://www.ece.ucdavis.edu/sscrl/clcfaq/faq/faq-toc.html> and let us know of any problems or suggestions by mailing to clcfaq@ece.ucdavis.edu.

The products and packages described here are intended for research and educational use. As such, we try to limit our entries to applications which are available for free or at low cost (< $500). We also wish to limit the descriptions to at most a page (60 lines) in length.

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